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Orchids for Gifts, Weddings, Parties, & Decoration Based in New York, New York

Nothing matches the beauty of a well-placed orchid. Simply Orchids & Gardens based in New York, New York, furnishes orchids for gifts, weddings, parties, and decoration.

Orchid Gifts
Our orchid gifts are potted in custom arrangements prepared to your specific taste, limited only by your spending plan. Gift arrangements feature double or single orchids. Triples are also available. 

Single Orchid

Double Orchids in Terra Cotta

Double Orchids in Glass

Single Orchid in Antique Glass

Multiple Orchids in Glaze Pot

Multiple orchids in glaze pot

Multiple orchids in glaze pot

Double Spiked Orchid in Glass Pot

Gift Wrapped Orchids

Gift Wrapped Orchid

Multiple Orchids in Baroque Pot

Multiple Phalaenopsis in Planter

Multiple Phalaenopsis in Planter

Phalaenopsis in glass

Phalaenopsis in glass

Multiple miniature phals in glass

Multiple miniature phals in glass
Multiple combination orchids in glass

Multiple combination orchids in glass

Wedding Orchids
We provide orchids for every aspect of your wedding design including live potted orchids and cut orchids. Coordinate your orchids with your wedding colors by select from a full spectrum of orchid colors ranging from the palest to the deepest. Colors vary based on the seasons.

Special Occasion Orchids
We offer special occasion floral service for birthday parties, Christmas and holiday parties, anniversaries, and other celebratory occasions. Orchids are perfect for special occasions.

Orchid Concierge Service
We coordinate with office buildings and businesses to create elegant one-of-a-kind lobby orchid arrangements. Our arrangements typically last 4 to 6 weeks depending upon the variety of species we use. We specialize in custom arrangements for hotel lobbies, hallways, meeting rooms, banquet halls, and guest rooms. Your guests will absolutely love them.

Distinctive Potting
We have developed a reputation for our unique potting of orchids with single, double, triple or multiple flowers. We create a display that is unusual and arresting. An important element of our potting technique is the potting covers we use that range from minimalist glass to traditional aluminum.

Orchid Arrangements Based in New York, New York

Contemporary Black Glaze Pots

Contemporary White Glaze

Brown Four Square Glaze Pot

 Rectangular Glaze Pot


Four Square Glass Pot


Orchid Arrangements | New York, NY

Contact us for elegant floral arrangements customized to taste and purpose.